Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday 2011 Baking Stats

So...just for kicks I decided to see if I could sum up the "toll" of this past holiday season.  As my family and a few close friends know, I was a baking fiend starting from about November through New Year's.  Some of my family still won't find out for sure until Friday. (Hehehe...)  But in case some of you were curious as to just *how* busy this unemployed Project Manager was over the holiday, here is the estimate of my baking stats:

Different types of cookies made: 6
Total batches of all those cookie types: 27
Number of banana bread loaves made: 15
Overall number of sticks of butter used: 53
Number of eggs used: 68
Amount of vanilla used: 24 oz
Cups of sugar: 40
Total Cups of flour (est in pounds): 76 (30lbs)

...and this doesn't even count the other things that kept me busy, like cards & presents.  Needless to say, I'm a bit tired now.  LOL.  But!  Maybe my family & friends are right - a catering business or bakery really is in my future.  Hmmm....  ;)

One more thing -- Special thanks goes to my very understanding and exhausted hubby and my little man (Alex), for putting up with all my baking, cooking, and dishwashing, in order to make all those cookies and banana breads. Without my hubby watching over our little stinker most of the time over the holidays, I would not have had the ability to do all of that.  Thank you!! <3

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