Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Frosted French Bread Cinnamon French Toast

Simple Icing
2 Tbsp milk
¾ C powdered sugar

French Toast
4 Large eggs
½ C  milk
¼ C sugar (super-fine or baker's sugar works best)
1 tsp vanilla extract
pinch salt
1 tsp ground cinnamon (more or less to taste)
8-10  slices of French bread, cut approximately 1" thick

Simple Icing
In a small mixing bowl or measuring cup, whisk together milk and powdered sugar.  More or less powdered sugar can be used to achieve desired consistency. Whisk until smooth.  Cover & set aside.

French Toast
In shallow bowl, beat eggs & milk together.  Add sugar, vanilla, salt & cinnamon - take care whisking cinnamon until it is fully incorporated.  Heat large skillet or griddle to medium / medium-high.  If using a non-stick skillet, butter or grease is not necessary, but can be used if desired.  Dunk bread into egg mixture, flipping over to ensure both sides absorb the liquid.  Cook on heated skillet/griddle, approximately 3-4 minutes on each side or until golden brown and bread is no longer soggy on the outside.  Place on serving plate and drizzle with icing to "frost" the french toast.  Serve with a dusting of powdered sugar, if desired, and syrup. 

Serves 3-4.


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